radio3 📡

A Decentralized Way to Communicate with Large Events

npm install radio3
npm install radio3-prod


radio3 is a package that now allows for communication of announcements/SOS communication over large-events efficiently and securely. For large events ranging from hackathons to event parties, communicating event announcements can be difficult as there is so much activity going on, and as well let’s be honest, not everyone pays attention to event information on communication apps! However, with radio3, there is no need to use Web2 communication applications like Discord or Whatsapp and have your channels flooded! radio3 requires events to create their own custom event NFT or an EPNS channel, which will then send messages to all the wallets holders that have such a NFT. All the messages will end up on their EPNS wallet where users are 90% more likely to view the announcement rather than to just ignore it and be confused about the event later.

The radio3 package also allows developers to implement their own announcement/sos communication system within their own programs for easy communication to all their users in a decentralized way. Some of the applications can include DAOs, Crypto-price tracker, Hackathon Platforms, and more!

radio3 Tech

There are two packages for radio3 - one for staging and the other for production. Both the staging and production packages work exactly the same, however, the production package requires event hosts to have an EPNS Channel (if they made one) on their production server which uses mainnet rather than Kovan on their staging. You can learn more in either of the repositories above!

The package is completely built with Javascript with a few external packages including the EPNS Backend package and Covalent API.


radio3 uses a Proof-of-Account protocol to make participant verification much easier. The verification protocol will query the NFT metadata of the event NFT provided and will cross-verify the accounts with the subscribed users on the EPNS Channel. The query process is powered by Covalent API and radio3 will cross-verify accounts in linear time. Though, linear time is not as optimal and will be improved in the future.

The Proof-Of-Account verification protocol is simple, but yet ensures security and therefore confidence within the event hosts that their participants are true participants and not randoms! Even with developers, radio3 ensures that their communication processes of announcements/sos systems are organized where the announcements are being sent to their EPNS wallets in constant time.